The closure of the West Seattle Bridge is a regional crisis that threatens the mobility, livelihoods and well-being of everyone who lives in West Seattle and many more across the Greater Seattle region.

Just a few months ago, the bridge was Seattle’s busiest transportation corridor connecting people to work, health care, shopping, dining out, recreation, socializing and worship. Today we face the very real possibility the bridge will need to be torn down and replaced. If repairable, it could take years before traffic returns.

The city and outside experts acknowledge there are no viable alternatives for rerouting the hundred thousand plus vehicles a day that used the bridge. We need bold and innovative measures now to mitigate the short-term impacts of the closure while we plan for the long-term solution on an accelerated time frame.

West Seattle Bridge Now, a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses and community groups is calling on Mayor Jenny Durkan and our elected officials at the federal, state and local levels to take urgent action and build a plan that reflects the scale and urgency of this crisis.

While we don’t have all the answers now, we do know that typical project timelines won’t do. We just lived through a nearly 20-year process to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. That simply cannot be the case this time. We are calling on our leaders to create, and regularly communicate a bold vision for an accelerated, transparent and inclusive planning process that will serve our transportation needs now and in the future.



Kevin Broveleit, West Seattle  

Amanda Kirk, Admiral  

Phillip Tavel, West Seattle  

Ryan Kirk, West Seattle   

Adam Ludwig, West Seattle  

Beth Clifton, West Seattle   

Bill Clifton, West Seattle   

Tim Mudd, West Seattle   

Ron Peterson, West Seattle   

Dave Simpson, West Seattle  

Deb Barker, West Seattle

Ryan Flemming, West Seattle 

Eileen Glasser Wesley, Seaview

JN, West Seattle

Lonnie Franklin III, West Seattle

Linda Kennedy, Alaska/Admiral

Mark Jaffe, Alki/Admiral

Rebecca Dale, Admiral District

David O. von Wolffersdorff, Alki

M. K., Admiral District

Jon Kuhn, Seaview 

Mark Ralkowski, West Seattle

Sharon von Wolffersdorff, Alki/Admiral

Dan Berger, Alaska Junction

Residents, Fairmount/Highpoint

Erin Lovelace, Sunrise Heights

Sara Asatiani, West Seattle

Ronald Nowka, Alki

Mark Mazur, Morgan Junction

Chesney Schmidt, Admiral 

E. H., White Center

Imran, Seaview 

Katie Olivier, North Delridge

Diana Toledo, City View

Shirley Lecoump, West Seattle

Cami MacNamara, Alki 

Kristine W., Fauntleroy

V. G. C. , North Admiral

G. S., Gatewood

Phillip Frick, North Admiral 

S. A. H., Fauntleroy

Chris Jordan, West Seattle

Amber Harrison, Highland Park

Lindsey Mueller, Genesee

Lauren C, Arbor Heights

Josh Jensen, Fauntleroy

Mary Anito, Fauntleroy 

S. S., West Seattle

Marc Hamalian, Genesee Hill 

David McLanahan, Fountleroy

Resident, Gatewood

MHM, Admiral

Chelsea, Fairmount Park

Natalee Roan, West Seattle

Theo, Alki

Kris H., Fauntleroy

R. V., Avalon

Perry Wales, Delridge

Brad Chodos-Irvine, Admiral

Kristine Kero, Admiral 

Brooke Vaughey, Belvidere

Miles Lippold, Alaska Junction

Resident, Seaview

Tony Bohorfoush, West Seattle

Joseph Buckley, Genesee

Charles Cassagnol, West Seattle

Resident, West Seattle

Fatih Irmak, Alki 

JLC, Admiral

Danielle Kolding, Delridge

DJLeslie, Alki

Resident, West Seattle

M Hildebrandt, West Seattle

Kathleen Everett, West Seattle

Zena Pedersen, Genesee Hill

ARO, Alki

Bridget Lawler, West Schmitz Park

Venessa T.B., Genesee Hill

AF, Highland Park

SK, Snake Hill

Catherine Johnson, Alki

RLJ, West Seattle

Karen A Frank, Alki

C.P., West Seattle

Eric Klapperich, West Seattle

Valcarlos Family, Puget Ridge

L.A., Genesee

Wade, West Seattle

KJC, Admiral

AW, North Admiral

Paul Koehl, Genesee Hill

Linda Heinen, Alki Beach

The von Kempf Family, West Seattle

Resident, Admiral

Robert Townsend, Gen Hill

Robert Zuuring, Highland Park

Brian, West Seattle

Noah Wecker, North Admiral

JB, West Seattle

Resident, Alki

Chris Fry, Admiral District

Joshua T. Schiffer, Fauntleroy


Chris Thayer, West Seattle 

Julie Parisio Roy, West Seattle 

Jennifer Temple, West Seattle  

Joe Turcotte, West Seattle  

Janna Annest, West Seattle  

Christopher Bell, Lincoln Park   

Robin Graham, West Seattle  

Andrew Neil, West Seattle  

Kolina Kilgore, West Seattle 

Rochelle Ogershok, West Seattle  

Liz Powell, West Seattle  

Laura Lucas, West of Schmitz Park 

Resident, Beach Drive

Pat Ennis, Fairmount Springs

Catherine Gibson, Holy Rosary 

A. Krasnokutsky, Holy Rosary 

Resident, West Seattle

Sean Farrell, Roxhill 

Shaun Moshay, North Admiral 

Conni Navarre, West Seattle 

K. T., Alki

Resident, North Admiral 

Resident, North Admiral 

Rob Dent, Sunrise Heights

MF, Arbor Heights

The Hanna Family, West Seattle

S. Rowe, West Seattle

George G, Genesee Hill 

Resident, West Seattle

Tara, Scenic Heights

Paul Casey, Admiral 

J. D., Genesee Hill

R. D., High Point

Nicole Natale, Gatewood 

P. S., Fairmount Springs

Monica Duff, N. Admiral

Colin C Spikes, Puget Ridge

Marti Richardson Casey, Admiral 

Marianne Weber, Genesee Hill

Z. C., West Seattle

Dawn Baber, Admiral

Cindy Bohorfoush, West Seattle

Resident, Admiral

Resident, Alki

Resident, Alki

Resident, Belvidere

Sam Violette, Arbor Heights

Joiem Kawas, West Seattle

Sarah Dillard, North Admiral 

Dawn Leverett, Alaska Junction

Ian Rahke, Seaview 

Kenneth Urman, California Junction 

Judy Maus-Carson, Admiral

J. B., Admiral

Joseph R. Maio, Alki

Marianne Weber, Genesee Hill

Monica Duff, N. Admiral

Sandra Wilson, Pioneer Square

Mark Paris, Admiral 

Wanda Dray, North Admiral

K. J., Mt. Baker

PNK, West Seattle

Marti Richardson Casey, Admiral

Colin C Spikes, Puget Ridge

Resident, Fairmount Park

Aubrey Jackson, Genesee

Kathy Sellers, Alki

Mike Brennan, Fauntleroy

Christian L King, Spring Hill 

Jessica Brooks, N Admiral

Ann Sager, Magnolia 

AaronB, N Admiral

Megan B, N Admiral

MC, Alki

Rose E May, North Admiral

Resident, West Seattle

Kamila Kennedy, West Seattle

LP, West Seattle

Jordan Koehl, Genesee Hill

Chihana Schiffer, Lincoln Park

Resident, Pigeon Point

L. Bull, Admiral

JB, Morgan

Bill, Vashon

Lori June Wright, West Seattle

Ryan Carns, North Admiral

K.S., North Admiral

Rebecca Barton, Roxhill

Toddy Dyer, Alki Beach

Leisa Pierce, North Admiral

Jonathan Saad, Alki

Lauren Morkill, Sunrise Heights

Resident, Arbor Heights

Resident, Pigeon Point

Kelly Malloy, Admiral

Resident, Pigeon Point

Alice Kuder, West Seattle

Joyce Hengesbach, Admiral

Jonathan P, West Seattle

Tom Lazar, Belvidere

Rachel Lazar, Belvidere

Lewis White, West Seattle

*Note on the list: we have received an overwhelming response and are working as quickly as possible to update the list – if you signed and don’t see your name yet, know that we are working on it and it will appear soon. 

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