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SDOT's Troubling Lack of Transparency

Like many of you, we've been concerned for months that SDOT is not being transparent with us about the West Seattle Bridge. We are now ever more concerned with this lack of transparency.

You may have seen KOMO's recent coverage of the so-called "repair or replace" decision. If not, you can watch the clip here or on our media page.

SDOT's bridge project leader said:

"There are significant concerns about the ability of the repairs to last forty, fifteen, or even five years, which means that there would be another unplanned closure."

That's not what the experts on the Bridge Technical Advisory Panel have concluded.

During the most recent Community Task Force meeting, Barbara Moffat, a V.P. of Santec, a 35-year veteran expert on transportation, and the co-chair of the TAP reiterated that there were no technical concerns regarding repair and confirmed the longevity of a repaired bridge:

"A repair would last a minimum of 15 and a potential of 40 years."

There are no significant concerns that a repaired bridge will last at least fifteen yeras. And there are good reasons to believe the repairs could last up to forty years—restoring the bridge to its original anticipated life of 75 years.

But you don't have to take out word for it—watch here.

So why does SDOT continue to tell the media and the public otherwise?

Demolishing a bridge that can easily be repaired to fulfill its intended life expectancy makes little sense, particularly when the replacement would involve taking on a mountain of unnecessary debt and imposing yeras of equally unnecessary pain and economic devastation on our community. So when the experts tell SDOT that the repaired bridge will last 15-40 yeras, why doesn't SDOT listen? And what else has SDOT learned that it has not shared with the public?

It's time for SDOT to come clean with all relevant facts and data, including the cost estimates that they failed to provide to the Community Task Force last week. This decision is simply too important to be based on partial information—let alone misinformation.

The mayor will be making her decision soon. Please take this opportunity to urge her at to support repairing the bridge and require SDOT to provide all of the relevant facts bearing on her decision. We know that the facts support repairing the bridge, so let's make sure she has them?

West Seattle Bridge Now Citizens Coalition

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