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SDOT Won't Pay for the Bridge...So You Will?

The Community Task Force (CTF) held its tenth meeting yesterday and it was entirely disappointing.

SDOT's cost-benefit analysis completely ignores how much it will cost our community not to have the West Seattle Bridge. Our lives, the time we spend with family, the value of our houses, our work productivity—these all have value, and they all depend in some way on the West Seattle Bridge. Everyone knows—the engineering community, investigative reporters, outside consultants, those affected by the closure—repairing the Bridge is the only responsible option. So why doesn't SDOT? We will have to be our own advocates moving forward.

What we need to see next:

  • SDOT needs to add a structural engineer to their team to provide critically needed expertise.

  • The city needs to develop real economic models that consider the true economic impact of a long-term closure of the bridge.

  • The city needs to fully consider health impacts in neighborhoods like South Park and Georgetown experiencing increased congestion and pollution.

If you haven't read our response to Mayor Durkan, please read the full letter here.

We think our response letter to Mayor Durkan lays out our position about why it is so critical that the West Seattle Bridge be repaired immediately—for this community and for everyone who relies on the West Seattle Bridge.

SDOT values our lives, our livelihood, our quality of life at zero. Aren't we worth more? West Seattle Bridge Now Citizens Coalition

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